Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App Is Changing How Love Is Made

Whitney Wolfe is a top of the line famous app designer who is making waves in the industry by creating apps like Tinder and Bumble.

She founded Bumble with the goal of spreading feminism and teaching love and acceptance. Whitney is truly changing the world with her ideas. This app is beautifully capturing the essence of what matters for those in the dating world. It’s a place where women can finally be the driving force on how the potential relationship starts.

Whitney Wolfe is someone who has experienced sexism and inequality in the workplace. She experienced sexual harassment and even sued the people that she worked with from Tinder because she wasn’t being treated fairly. She struggled with that a big deal and strived afterwards to bring to light the way people are treated. She didn’t do well in her early relationships, and so she wants to stand by her women with these apps. She does this through the power of giving women the rights on this app. Women must send the first message to a guy when matching. A guy cannot send a message unless the girl sends one. It’s very easy for a guy on other apps to send annoying pickup lines, but this app does not give people the chance to do that with this.

Whitney Wolfe is the woman who built this app and created a successful platform to help women have the power. Bumble was created right after she was focusing on making a social network for young girls, and so they built that app and gave girls a place to encourage one another. Bumble is no different in the sense that it’s a place for women to find love on their own time. It’s a great app perfect for people to get out there and meeting people.