Securus video visitation technology potentially saves families hundreds

Of all the technological developments that have shaped the prison environment in the United States over the last 20 years, video visitation ranks among the most impactful. Securus Technologies, the nation’s leading inmate communications provider, has developed its own proprietary video visitation solution that allows inmates to stay in nearly constant touch with their family over high-definition feeds and allowing the family members to visit with their loved ones from almost anywhere they happen to be.


But this technology has not just been a huge boon to the inmates themselves. The families have often been the biggest winners. For starters, few inmates in the United States prison system have means of generating significant incomes. This means that, in practice, the family members are often the ones who foot the bill for outgoing phone calls, commissary accounts and other extra expenses that inmates may need to pay for while incarcerated.


Securus has been able to keep the price of the average outgoing video visitation called to just 15 cents a minute throughout the United States. These are rates that enable inmates to stay in touch with their family members, giving them a strong sense of hope and creating a privilege that incentivizes inmates not to engage in behavior that is contrary to the rules of the institution.


But the ability of family members to interact with their loved ones, face-to-face, on an almost unlimited basis also saves the families themselves hundreds of dollars each month. These are the same families that otherwise would have been forced to drive to the prison itself in order to visit with their incarcerated loved ones in person. These trips often involve paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars in gas, food and lodging costs, expenses that many of the families of incarcerated individuals cannot afford, as many fall below the poverty threshold.


Securus Technologies Helping Put Fugitives in Jail

When my fugitive task force gets the call that a dangerous suspect is on the loose, we spring into action immediately. We had a suspect who was breaking into homes around the city and using deadly violence to steal anything that was not nailed down. Even when he was able to score big, his calling card was torturing and beating the residents so bad that they thought twice about telling the police about his identity.


Many times I will rely on informants to help point me in the direction of where we can capture our suspects, but there were zero leads coming in. Eyewitnesses at the scenes were having trouble putting a face to the crime mostly because they feared for their lives and that the suspect said he would come back if anyone ratted him out. I was going to have to rely on another source if I was going to capture this suspect before he was able to hurt another.


Securus Technologies was working at our local jail putting in a new inmate telephone call monitoring system, and I thought this might be something that I could use to my advantage. The inmates would never talk directly to authorities, but they would have no trouble talking at length to people on the phones. Securus Technologies is headed by CEO Rick Smith, and his employees are working towards only one objective, making the world safer. This was going to be the key in me getting the suspect into custody quickly.


As luck would have it, this suspect was selling his stolen goods to a small-time criminal who already was on our radar. An inmate in the jail happened to be talking about the two, and it connected the dots and gave us the lead we needed to set up a trap and net the suspect safely.


The Impact of Securus Technologies in Helping Solve and Prevent Crime

Securus Technologies is a company that has been very instrumental in facilitating calls between inmates and family members. In the same accord, Securus has been able to keep a watchful eye on criminal activities through monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls and has been able to avert crimes in the process. In so doing, the telephone company has been able to improve public safety. Since communication goes two ways, customers of our services, as well as prison officials, are a happy lot since our services have helped bring down crime, both in prisons and in the outside environment.

For instance screening of previous phone calls has been able to bring to book corrupt prison officials. Some prison officials are so corrupt to the extent that they foster an increase in crime rates within prison environments. These un-wayward officials encourage drug use within most prison facilities thus promoting the growth of cartels that ravage society. Thus, services offered by Securus have supported the elimination if such gangs. Since our technologies evolve on a weekly basis, we can fight crime.

High ranking criminals within the American prison systems have also been known to organize criminal activities while they are serving time in penitentiary systems. Since they make calls using our systems, we get to know of their outside dealings. With such vital information, we are better placed in making arrests and thus reducing the wave of crime. For such reasons, a majority of clients who have made use of our services including family members have rallied tremendous support since they also want the world to realize a lot of good.

We as Securus Technologies have an LBS software that has enabled us to tap into gangs and cartels that deal with illegal items, firearms, drugs, and money. With the assistance of the LBS software, we have been able to recover such items, commodities that prove to be a threat to national security. Thus, Securus Technologies is transforming American systems by using modern communication innovations to tap into criminal regimes.