The Significant contributions of Imran Haque on North Carolina’s Health

Imran Haque is a well-known physician located in North Carolina at his Horizon Internal Medicine Hospital. Imran Haque attained a medical degree with honors from Universidad Iberoamericana. Moreover, Imran is an alumnus of the University of Virginia where he went through the Internal Medicine program. After the program, Imran was awarded the license of practicing medicine as an internist in North Carolina and learn more about Imran Haque.

Imran has been in the medical industry for over 15 years treating patients in different medical centers that are affiliated with Horizon Internal Medicine. Some of these institutions are Kindred Greensboro and Randolph Hospital among others. As an internist, Mr. Haque deals with check-ups mainly preventing future illnesses. Moreover, he diagnoses ill patients and treats them with the help of his committed staff members and Imran’s lacrosse camp.

Horizon Internal Medicine has two major facilities in Ramseur and Asheboro in North Carolina where Dr. Imran attends to his patients. Whenever specialized treatment is needed, Imran hands over the patients to the best-skilled doctors. Imran Haque received the Compassionate Doctor Recognition Award, an award given to physicians who handle patients with the highest level of kindness.

Internal Medicine is a Medicine branch which deals with the preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases. Imran Haque offers many services such as physical examinations, 360 resurfacing, laser hair removal, and diabetes management among others. Moreover, Imran Haque provides insights on how to handle weight management, for both underweight and overweight people. His treatment mainly surrounds medical care, lifestyle adjustment, and cosmetic procedures and read full article.

Under the cosmetic treatment offered by Imran Haque, for example, laser hair removal, PICO Genesis treatments, and fillers have been reported to be the best anti-aging solutions. At Horizontal Internal Medicine, Imran Haque has invested to having staff members who help him serve the patients to satisfaction. Many patients around North Carolina have acknowledged Dr. Haque for his incredible services and

Eric Lefkofsky, the Maverick, the Giver, the Seer of Light

Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer each year. Some patient data is recorded in physician free text style and the historical approach to cancer treatment is to kill the mutated cells. Needless to say, progress has been moderate. Fortunately, now there is finally a link between State-of-the-art technology and the healthcare industry.

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a company that develops software specialized in data-enabled precision medicine. Cancer research involves determining the exact order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule. Genomic sequencing is highly expensive. Tempus is aiming to greatly reduce the cost of this procedure.

This cutting edge company has the capability of transforming free hand physician progress notes into pragmatic, useful data–furthering the advancement of cancer treatment. Additionally, the cost of genomic sequencing is made more affordable due to Tempus’s engineering. These advancements make it possible for physicians to personalize patient treatment more efficiently and comprehensively and more information click here.

Eric Lefkofsy’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is what drove his interest in cancer research and the co-founding of the health tech company, Tempus. Lefkofsky was born in Detroit, Michigan September 2, 1969. His father was an engineer and his mother was an educator. After graduating form high school in 1987, Leftkofsky went on to earn an honors undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan in 1991 and a Juris Doctorate degree in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School. Today, Lefkofsky holds an adjunct professor position at the University of Chicago and learn more about Eric Lefkofsky.

This innovative entrepreneur has founded companies of various industries: apparel, print, logistics, and technology. Leftkofsky also established Groupon, a Chicago based internet company that links subscribers with regional sellers. Also a philanthropist, he and his wife have donated millions of dollars to Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Stanford University, and Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, is also Chairman of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago, and a Trustee of Chicago’s Lurie Children Hospital.

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