OSI Group Buys Tyson Plant

OSI Industries recently purchased a Tyson Food plant in Chicago for $7.4 million dollars. OSI industries is a leading food supplier and has over 65 facilities all over the world. They report that they are now located in 17 countries, and also supply food worldwide.

The recent purchase of Tyson is an exciting addition to the growing OSI Group. It is also exciting for the community where the former Tyson plant is located. In November of 2016, the executives at Tyson reported that about 480 jobs would be lost when the plant closed. When OSI Group came into the picture and announced that they would buy the plant, many people were relieved. Having a new industry in the area offered the community valuable job opportunities and infused money into surrounding businesses as well.

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The new OSI facility (formerly Tyson) covers 200,000 square feet, and is located in the Back of the Yards area of Chicago. This facility is actually not the first OSI property in Chicago, but will serve as a much needed addition to the properties that the company already holds in the area. Because of the massive growth that the company has seen in recent years, more space was vital to continuing operations. The space will be used for providing infrastructure for the company in that area.

The purchase of Tyson shows a trend in OSI’s business operations. The company is fast growing. In all 65 facilities, OSI now employs over 20,000 individuals. This is a big jump from where the company started, over 100 years ago. OSI is known for valuing their employees as heart and soul of the company. The OSI workforce is very diverse, and this is a point of pride for the company. There are OSI job opportunities world wide. In America, the jobs available range from mechanic and driver positions to supervisory roles. OSI reports that they are equal opportunity employers, and all applications will be considered. Their American plant locations include Chicago, Geneva and Aurora Illinois, Riverside, California, and West Jordan, Utah as well as other cities across the country.

Find more about OSI Group: https://www.google.com/finance?cid=12218761