Fabletics Taking Over the Athleisure Niche by Storm

The retail industry has been going through a boom time as it witnessed massive growth after the onset of the e-commerce companies such as Amazon and the likes. There has been a shift in the way people shop these days, which mostly is on the internet these days.


Even though the traditional form of shopping hasn’t lost its charm ultimately, more and more people, these days prefer to buy things online. One of the fashion apparel companies dealing in athleisure products that have come to the fore recently is Fabletics. Even though it was a relatively young company having started in 2013, it has made considerable advances in the field of e-commerce and has given a tough run for its money to even large e-commerce retail companies like Amazon.


Fabletics has had a solid marketing campaign from the very beginning, which helped the company gain a huge fan following. The association of the famous Hollywood actress, Kate Hudson, with Fabletics as a co-owner has also helped in boosting the popularity of the company. The recent turnover reported of Fabletics has been touching nearly $300 million, and considering the company started just a few years back, it’s a considerable achievement.


Kate Hudson, who apart from being the co-owner at Fabletics is also the fashion mentor for the brand has monitored the sales and the marketing efforts of the company closely. She has even materialized collaboration with other famous celebrities in the country, the most recent collaboration is launching the limited edition collection inspired by Demi Lovato.


Kate Hudson knows that in the age of social media, it is vital for just about every company to listen to the feedback of the consumers and implement their strategies accordingly. It is for this reason, Fabletics takes notes of the customers’ reviews seriously and acts upon it to ensure that the customers get what they came looking for. The use of technology is also significant at Fabletics as the Big Data helps the company’s management get the statistics they need to make important decisions regarding the company’s future.


Fabletics has been growing at a staggering pace of nearly twenty to thirty percent each year, and it is primarily due to the company’s marketing efforts. The company has been reaching out to masses and has ensured that its price point remains affordable without compromising on the quality of its merchandise. It has helped Fabletics become a mainstream athleisure brand that millions of people across the globe are patrons of.