Timothy Armour Thoughts on Investment

Warren Buffet betted $1 million for charity and said he could reap better investment returns than a clutch of managers. He would only invest an S&P 500 passive index fund. The bet would be decided this year. According to Timothy Armour’s commentary on CBNC, Warren was wrong about this investment strategy. However, he agrees that Warren was right with his small investment strategy. The strategy had been in use over the years, and it had been proofed to be worthwhile. Timothy went on to say that it was very crucial for Americans to save an investment for their retirement.

He also said that index funds did not provide a cushion against downward market trends; this was a huge problem. As such, Timothy Armour believed it was time to challenge the notion that passive index returns were the best type of investment path for a better retirement. Many investors were not aware that this kind of investment exposed them to a 100% loss if a market downturn occurs. The investor would suffer loss while the desire of every investor is to do better than others in bad times and learn more about Timothy.

Mr. Armour’s Advice on Identifying an Ideal Fund Type

Despite the problems associated with these investments, some good active funds do not expose the investors to problems. Timothy Armour gives two methods that can be used to determine the best type of funds: low expenses and high manager ownership. These methods are not very precise, but at least they are helpful and more information click here.

Effects of Trump’s Election

Recently Tim shared his thoughts concerning post-Trump era: he thinks the international markets are in a new season where there is fast economic growth, rising interest rates, and high inflation. Mr. Timothy says that Trump’s election brought a shock that equities and bond markets are trying to stabilize from and Tim’s lacrosse camp.

Tim’s Career Background

Timothy Armour is the chairman and the CEO of Capital Group. He joined the company 34 years ago as a member of the associate’s program and later served as an investment analyst at the enterprise. As an investment analyst, he was in charge of telecommunications and US service companies. Timothy Armour is also is the chair and officer of Capital Group research management Capital. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Middlebury College.

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The Charisma of Norman Pattiz In The Radio Industry



Mr. Norman Pattiz is the chairman of radio giant Westwood One. This is known to be the number one radio network firm in U.S.A. It specializes in providing entertainment, sports, news to the telecast arena.


It was in the year 2010 that Pattiz started the Courtside Entertainment Group located in Los Angeles. The form finances high-quality programming. It has got some great personalities like Dr. Drew Pinsky, Ron Paul, etc. It was in the year 2013 that the company became popular in the programming of audio on demand and started PodcastOne.


Nowadays, PodcastOne’s famous brands are Dan Patrick, Brandi Glanville, Adam Carolla and Steve Austin. President Clinton chose Pattiz in the year 2000. In the year 2009, he was chosen for the National Radio Hall of Fame. He got the great Giants of Broadcasting Award.


Pattiz has more than forty years of experience in radio syndication. It was in the year 2010 that Pattiz started Courtside Entertainment Group for the production of quality programming.


Pattiz is known to have launched the Arabic language radio and television services of United States of America to twenty-two nations of the Middle East. Pattiz is a well-known figure in the California University. He is a member of the Council of Foreign relations.


Pattiz resides in the famous Beverly Hills with Dr. Mary Pattiz, his wife. Mr. Pattiz is a well-known personality who believes in involving himself in all the aspects be it ad sales acquiring talent etc. He believes in being busy, engaged and enthralled. Pattiz has got many civic awards such as the Distinguished education service award.


He was also selected for the National Radio Hall of Fame for contributing to the radio industry. Pattiz is known to have made his appearance felt on several levels. Mr. Norman Pattiz has been instrumental in creating Radio Sawa. He is on the board of Annenberg communication school at the Southern California University.


Pattiz is the proud owner of four Lakers courtside seats. He is a big Democratic Party donor and also an addiction counselor. He hails from a Jewish family and is also an active member of the Israel policy forum. His net worth is estimated to be of $350 million. He has made great contributions to the radio arena. He is currently serving as the Director of the Foreign Relations of the Sherriff’s department in Los Angeles.


A new podcast by the name of Beyond the Darkness came into existence, and this was announced by Pattiz. This show is considered to be a new one, and Chris is starring in it. It exhibits some of the best conversations with the most reputed researchers. Pattiz has appreciated Chris and has described him as one of the gems on the PodcastOne network.

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