The Legacy of Real Estate Maverick Hussain Sajwani

Saudi Arabia in recent years has become very well known for its booming real estate industry and the fantastical and glitzy buildings which have come out of it. However, long before this boom ever went mainstream there was one man who was already making in-roads into potential of the foreign interest in Saudi Arabia, Hussain Sajwani. Sajwani was born the son of a successful businessman who instilled in him a interest in business and taught him many tricks of the trade. After he came of age Sajwani got his first big break working for the internationally well known oil company, the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited, a major natural gas company located in and operating out of, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). After two successful years of working with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Limited, Mr. Sajwani moved out on his own, taking all of the skills and contacts he had acquired and used them to create his own company, a catering firm which serviced those who were far away from typical supply lines such as the US military forces. The company was a smash hit and wound up becoming known as Global Logistics Services.


After this venture took of and expanded, in 2002, Hussain Sajwani created another company and the one for which he would eventually end up becoming most famous for, the real estate firm, DAMAC Properties. DAMAC Properties was very different from many other Arabian real estate companies in that it largely catered to foreign interests in the region and helped to foster a whole new emerging market in the Middle East. The company grew quickly and today has over 44,000 different plots under development with approximately 19,000 already fully developed. After making great headway into the real estate market, Hussain Sajwani crossed the path of another well known real estate mogul, Donald J. Trump, now president of the United States of America. The two struck up a friendship and began developing golf courses together; it is because of this relationship that Sajwani is sometimes referred to humorously as, The Donald of the East.


Today he is considered one of the wealthiest Arabs in the entire world and one of the single most successful and talented businessmen in all of the United Arab Emirates. Currently, he lives with his wife of may years and his four talented children in Dubai.


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