Betsy DeVos Had a Rocky Introduction to America, but She is Still a Force

Betsy DeVos toppled Michigan’s public education in favor of charter schools, but now she is known as the woman who believes grizzly bears want to attack schools. DeVos, the new Secretary of Education for the US, was being interviewed live for this job, and she was ridiculed when she attempted to defend guns in schools. Learn more:


The sudden spike in school gun incidents has definitely had an impact on the country. Parents fear for their children, so the idea of having armed guards or a weapon in schools has been floating around homes across the US. It is this fear that probably drove DeVos to believe that schools may find use for firearms, but she pointed out that schools also need to worry about grizzly bears. This is what Late Night TV comics made fun of, and this is just one of many answers that made her seem ill-equipped for the job she was later given.


Betsy’s appearance made her seem like a simpleton, which was something this powerful lady did not appreciate. People found out her true feelings through leaked comments. Betsy DeVos knew she was going to catch some heat, especially because she was appointed by President Trump who is no stranger to controversy. Furthermore, she also knew that her love for private schools and religious schools was going to be pointed out since she is now in charge of public education for the entire country. Betsy was ready for the heat, but she did not expect that televised line of questions and answers.


Some began to dismiss her from the get-go, but this is something that Mike Cox, a former state attorney general from Michigan warns against. He worked alongside DeVos when she was attempting to push for the charter school system in her home state. He knows how persistent Betsy can be and knows she is not afraid to use her money to get what she wants. Some say she is single-minded, but her razor-sharp vision makes it easier to get what she wants, meaning the American public should definitely pay attention to her. Sure, Betsy may not be experienced in her position, but it seems that she is patient enough to learn. Part of what drivers her is her conservative and Christian values. This is the reason some people on the right are excited to see the changes she will bring to this country.


Some of her supporters say that Betsy is right to criticize the public school system in this country since student scores in the US are low compared to other countries, and this includes some of the better public schools. Sure, Betsy believes the answer is private and religious schools, but no one is saying those are the only solutions. Perhaps the only thing that Betsy wants is to open up the conversation because it is one that needs to happen for the sake of US kids.