How Madison Street Capital Earned its Renowned Successful Reputation

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a renowned Chicago-based firm that provides businesses all over the world with credible advice. Further, the firm helps organizations to access credit, undertake complex transactions, and make investment decisions. MSC is also the leading provider of merger consulting and company valuation services. Madison Street Capital has earned massive success over the years through employing specialists and providing world-class services to many reputable companies. Madison Street Capital reputation is supported by positive reviews, awards, an A+ Business Bureau rating, and testimonials.


The Achievements


Madison Street Capital claimed that it had offered advisory services to Vital Care Industries, a renowned medical product manufacturer, in 2014. The firm helped them to choose the right lender and obtain a loan. In 2015, MSC’s co-founder, Anthony Marsala, won the 40 Under Forty Awards by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst.


The firm was listed among the M&A Advisor Awards finalists by finance professionals in 2016. MSC earned the award because they used less than $100 million to facilitate the leading industrial merger valued. In January 2017, Madison Street Capital was gifted a Turnaround Award, which resulted from using a value of less than $25 million to conduct restructuring transaction in 2016. The firm also continued its tradition of offering advice on merger transactions to corporations. MSC helped DCG Software Value when it had merger transaction with the prestigious Spitfire Group.


Madison Street Capital was ARES Security Corporation’s sole advisor when they had an investment transaction concerning subordinated debt and minority recapitalization. ARES Security is a famed Virginia-based firm that provides security software. Furthermore, the company protects computer systems in government agencies and nuclear power plants. Therefore, MSC helped ARES Security to finalize the complex investment transaction.


The Other Endeavors


Madison Street Capital carried out financing for the San Francisco-based company, Maintenance Systems Management (MSM), a provider of cleaning and building services. MSM’s President applauded the firm for helping them to accomplish their goals through their wise advice. Madison Street Capital is also a generous donor, for instance, it generously gave money to help in rehabilitation after severe weather caused tragedy in the Midwestern and Eastern United States. Additionally, the firm is an active contributor to renowned nonprofit organizations including the American Red Cross and United Way.


A Closer Focus on Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital has been a famed privately held company and the provider of wise investment advice for 12 years. The firm specializes in providing business valuation services, private equity, as well as mergers and acquisition services. MSC has a team of professionals who possess outstanding experience, knowledge, and extensive relationships thus making it an excellent investment banking firm.


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Marc Sparks Gives Back

Marc Sparks it the ultimate entrepreneur’s entrepreneur also known as a “serial entrepreneur” as he has invested in many businesses that have been one after another success. Since he graduated high school as a “C” student in 1975 in the city of Austin, Texas Sparks has had dozens of startups and many have become ridiculously successful beyond anything Sparks even imagined possible. Sparks contributes the success of someone who never even graduated college to anything less than an act of God. A miracle that God has blessed Sparks with, to say the least, according to Sparks himself. Sparks sites this as a humbling experience that he never expected to have bestowed upon him. Learn more:

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Marc Sparks also gives back a lot to the local community as he believes that he has been blessed to have been given so much himself. Sparks helps with the local Samaritan Inn which is a homeless shelter near his home in Texas that helps shelter over 160 people each night with many as 75 more having to be turned away each week due to lack of room in the shelter for more people. Sparks wants to increase the capacity of the shelter to allow everyone who needs a place to stay a place in the shelter. He also pitches in a hand with the Habitat For Humanity where his own bare hands have had a part in building over 12 homes to date for families in need, and he helps construct much more homes in the future. He also has donated 1,000s of top-of-the-line computers to children magnet schools in the area that service underprivileged children who wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn without the schools existing. More importantly than making $100s of millions of dollars is to use that money to help others far as Sparks is concerned, because people who have so much have an obligation to give back. Learn more:


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